Rotary Printing

Traditional printing par excellence.
While rotary printing has a manual touch that is still highly sought after today, it also allows us to print large production lots, ensuring the consistently high-quality performance that is essential for our large-scale retail-trade customers. At the same time, we offer low minimum runs to meet the needs of smaller customers requiring the same kind of exclusivity. The Gallus print collection covers a wide range of textiles: natural, artificial and synthetic fibres; shuttle-woven stretch fibres and knits, with over 100 print bases available and ready!!! We offer all this using reactive, dispersive, pigment, corrosion and lacquer printing technologies. The print collection embodies the very latest fashion trends for end customers always looking for the latest look. Our offer covers traditional tastes and also caters to younger, trend-conscious consumers.
Gallus now offers a scheduled collection for long-term fashion markets too.