Who We Are


An offshoot of a previous textile wholesale business dating back to the 1930s and run by the Turri brothers of Gallarate, Italy, Gallus took off again in 1975 when the company’s founder - Carlo Zibetti, the previous owners’ young nephew - bought it after having gained considerable experience working for a local textile converter as salesman and manager of its printed fabric line.

With determination and an enterprising spirit, Carlo reinvented the company, purchasing raw cotton and rayon and converting it at his facilities in the Lombardy region of Italy. Business grew steadily, leading to the brave decision to invest in a new production site that would better meet growing market demand. The year was 1991 and STAMPERIA VALERI was born.

After having become part of a vertical group, Gallus has gained enormous experience in the conversion of raw shuttle-woven stretch and non-stretch rayon and cotton fabrics (Stamperia Valeri is still one of the very few textile printers in Europe to have a continuous processing line for both cotton and rayon).
From the mid 1990s on, Gallus expanded its research into new technologies and began printing acrylic fabrics, followed by polyester and mixed-blend knits.
Its product range continues to grow in step with market demand, reaching beyond Italy and into Europe.

In the early 2000s, Carlo’s sons Marco and Vittorio joined the company and the family business created new synergies and grew increasingly dynamic.
In addition to textile printing, Gallus now offers a solid colour dyeing stock service, based on the “Italia” and “Import” dyeing lines (depending on market opportunities and the quality standards required), combined and coordinated with the print collections.

In 2011, Gallus became a leader in the Italian fast fashion industry thanks to its production mix and close proximity to its customers. The company increasingly invests in human resources and machinery. Its Sales and Design departments have seen their numbers rise as customers request more custom services and have developed as a result of the decision to export to Europe and beyond.
Steadily growing over the years, Gallus is now present on all textile markets in Europe and around world, reaching every continent. Its signature taste in interpreting fashion and the speed and efficiency of its services have led to its worldwide success, as it is attentive to the needs of its large-scale retail-trade customers without ever overlooking the requirements of smaller customers.
As its range of products ever expands, the company’s care to quality, its focus on customer service and its commitment to environmental sustainability make Gallus one of the best interpreters of patterns and taste in fast fashion today, not only in Italy, but throughout the world. 

Gallus Group