The result of its founder’s enterprising spirit, Stamperia Valeri was established in August 1991. Following the success of the Gallus textile converter business, Carlo decided to invest upstream in the textile conversion chain and create a vertical company that would serve the commercial structure to improve production control and expand its offer to meet the changing market demand.
Carlo built the company from the ground up, depending solely on his courage and the quality work of skilled craftsmen coordinated by an illustrious technical expert and the factory’s original manager, Luigi Grassi. They threw themselves into the experiment with enthusiasm, bucking the de-industrialization trend in Italy’s textile industry at that time.
The business’s original structure was streamlined, with roughly 60 workers, and offered roller printing only. Today, STAMPERIA VALERI is a modern textile dyeing and printing mill with, thanks to continuous investments, the most modern, technologically sophisticated systems. It looks to the future with the same courage and enthusiasm that it felt at its start.

Production capacity in 2016:

  • 3 rotary machines + 4 ink jet printers for printing directly on fabrics: production
    capacity of 300,000 metres/week.
  • 2 jiggers + 4 overflow machines + 1 kuester for dyeing:
    production capacity of 70,000 metres/week.
  • week.2 rope washers with continuous drying
  • 1 open washers
  • 2 vapourizers
  • 3 dryers
  • 1 sanforizing machine
  • 5 machines for special finishes (e.g., sanding / tumbling / brushing)
  • 8 quality control stations
  • proprietary roller depot with over 100,000 machines ready for use.